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Mona Shores High School


Home of sailors athletics

Mona Shores High School

Home of sailors athletics

Mona Shores High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

11 months ago

Double Wins on Swim to Fight Cancer Night

Game Date
Oct 15, 2019

The Lady Turtles Swim to Fight Cancer and pick up two morel Wins!! The Lady Turtles swim 17 Personal Record Swims, 10/12 First Place Finishes, Win all 3 Relays, and 1 State Cut. With the two wins the Lady Turtles improve to 9-0 overall and 5-0 in the Ok Rainbow Conference.

It was a another great meet and a Huge Team Wins!! Very proud of how the Team swim/ dove hard , swam/ dove with a lot of heart and pride!
Huge Thank you to all the HS Boys and Swim Parents who participated in the fun school relays!!??‍????‍????‍????‍?? Great job everyone!!
Great job to all of our swim parents and friends and family who help and supported us!

Fire up Ladies! UP NEXT IS TK-HASTINGS!!

Team Scores
Greater Muskegon Co-op 100
Ludington. 80

Greater Muskegon Co-op 117
Fremont. 47

200 Medley Relay
Johnson, McKenna, Kohley, Morin. 1st. 1:58.59

20o Free
1. Robyn Hunt. 2:09.77.
Personal Record Swim

Ella Klimsza. 2:34.79. Personal Record Swim

200 IM
1. Evyn Johnson. 2:22 23. Personal Record Swim

50 free
1.Olivia McKenna. 24.82. State Cut
2. Alaina Kohley. 26.00. Personal Record Swim

Lindsey Piper. 27.45 Personal Record Swim
Lanney Gannon 28.59. Personal Record Swim

1 Michaela Sander. 167.55. Personal Record Dive
2. Katie Cree. 152.30. Personal Record Dive

100 Fly
1. Evyn Johnson. 1:01.02
2. Robyn Hunt. 1:08.19. Personal Record Swim

100 Free
2. Alaina Kohley 57.83
4 Eliza Piper 1:03.07. ;Personal Record Swim
Lauren Sander. 1:14.66 Personal Record Swim

1 Olivia McKenna. 5:42.77
Alex Lowczyk. 6.59.13. Personal Record Swim

200 Free Relay
Sytsema, Gaston, Hunt,Morin. 1st b1:50.94
Nye,Cree,Piper,Huttenga. 2nd 1:58.56

100 Back
1. Lindsey Piper. 1:09.50. Personal Record Swim
Natalie Lorenz. 1:27.12. Personal Record Swim

100 Breast
2. Alana Morin. 1:21.09
3 Sam Nye. 1:22.65

400 Free Relay
1. Johnson, Piper, Kohley, McKenna. 3:56.90
2 Gaston, Huttenga, Gannon, Piper 4:20.32

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