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Mona Shores High School


Home of sailors athletics

Mona Shores High School

Home of sailors athletics

Mona Shores High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3 months ago

Girls Varsity Swimming vs. Grand Rapids Union HS

Game Date
Oct 3, 2019

2019 Mona Shores/Greater Muskegon HS Girls Co-op Swim Team

Swim Meet Report

Date: 10-3-19

Team Scores

Mona Shores /Greater Muskegon Co-op: 95 (6-0 Overall) – (4-0 OK Rainbow)

Gr. Union 79 (0-4 Overall) – (0-3 OK Rainbow)

Greater Muskegon HS Co-op Girls Swim Team has a Record Setting night in a Win over Gr. Union to stay Undefeated on the season 6-0 Overall 4-0 in the OK Rainbow Conference. The Lady Turtles swim to a season high 29 Personal Record Swims, win 12/12 Events,3 Relays Wins, MISCA Cuts, and Evyn Johnson set to New Team Records in the 50 Free 24.46 and the 100 Fly 1:00.81.

Tonight, was a great test to see many of our swimmer’s swim off events and do very well in them. It was chance to also see people swim out of their comfort zones and step up and be successful. This meet also taught us a lot about Sportsmanship, Respect and Character. Swimming against a team which has had a rough year It was nice to see the TEAM show a lot of Great Sportsmanship and Respect for Union. It was great to see our swimmers accepted that we would Exhibition many evets in order not to run up the score. I was very PROUD of the way we swam and the way we challenge ourselves in many different events,

Special Thank you to all Our Great Swim Parents, Family, and Friends who helped make our swim meet successful or came to cheer us on to victory. It very much appreciated! Thank you for the GREAT Support!!!


200 Medley Relay

1. Evyn Johnson-Olivia McKenna-Alaina Kohley-Helena Widder 1:59.25

2. Alana Morin, Naomi Huttenga-Zoe Sytsema, Robyn Hunt 2:10.96

200 Free

1. Olivia McKenna 2:01.39 Personal Record Swim MISCA

2. Robyn Hunt 2:10.61

Alaina Kohley 2:17.35 Personal Record Swim

Zoe Sytsema 2:20.55 Personal Record Swim


1. Eliza Piper 2:43.45

2. Naomi Huttenga 2:46.78

3. Alex Lowczyk 2:49.29 Personal Record Swim

50 Free

1. Evyn Johnson 24.46 TEAM RECORD-MISCA-State Cut

2. Caroline Carlson 27.15 Personal Record Swim

3. Ella Klimsza 29.33 Personal Record Swim

Michaela Sander 32.01 Personal Record Swim

Lauren Sander 32.89 Personal Record Swim

Gabi Tomes: 59.67 Personal Record Swim


1 Michaela Sander 143.15

2 Katie Cree 132.00


1. Evyn Johnson 1:00.81 TEAM RECORD-MISCA Personal Record Swim

2. Helena Widder 1:07.30 Personal Record Swim

3. Sam Nye 1:09.40 Personal Record Swim

4. Alex Lowczyk 1:15.05 Personal Record Swim

100 Free

1. Alaina Kohley 57.95 MISCA- Personal Record Swim

2. Caroline Carlson 58.80 Personal Record Swim

Olivia Hogston 1:07.41 Personal Record Swim

500 Free

1. Olivia McKenna 5:40.48 Personal Record Swim

3. Naomi Huttenga 6:53.40 Personal record Swim

5 Ella Klimsza 7:07.92 Personal Record Swim

200 Free Relay

1. Helena Widder -Alaina Kohley-Olivia McKenna- Evyn Johnson 1:45.20

2. Caroline Carlson-Sam Nye -Naomi Huttenga-Gabby Gaston 1:55.06


1. Helena Widder 1:06.88

2. Lindsey Piper 1:12.41

3. Eliza Piper 1:16.23 Personal Record Swim

4. Sam Nye 1:17.12


1. Alana Morin 1:18.80 Personal Record Swim

2. Zoe Sytsema 1:27.38 Personal Record Swim

3 Gabby Gaston 1:28.71 Personal Record Swim

5. Sydney Peterson 1:31.74

400Free Relay

1. Robyn Hunt-Zoe Sytsema-Alana Morin-Caroline Carlson 4:12.33

2. Lindsey Piper-Eliza Piper-Lanney Gannon-Gabby Gaston 4:31.94

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